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All of our rental plans are rent-to-own with an option to return at any time with no further financial commitment, or your can rent it the full term and the instrument is yours to keep! We typically require no deposit beyond your first months rent, and all of your instruments regular maintenance and normal wear & tear are 100% covered by us at no charge.. By the end of the first year, most parents and students know whether the instrument they are playing is the right choice for them, and that's why all of our our instruments also include an exchange and upgrade option, allowing you to exchange your instrument at anytime for a different instrument, or upgrade your instrument to an intermediate or professional level instrument and apply 12 months of your payments towards the exchange or upgrade.

Additionally, if at any time you'd like to purchase your instrument outright, we'll apply all of your payments towards the instruments purchase price and give you 25% discount off the remaining balance!

Have questions about selecting the instrument that is right for you or your child? Give us a call at (205) 271-7827 or contact us online.

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