Instrument Repair

Bailey Brothers Repair Shop offers instrument repair services performed by qualified and experienced technicians. Whether or not you purchased your instrument at Bailey Brothers, our technicians will be happy to assist you in keeping your instrument in excellent playing condition. In-house repairs are offered for all brass, woodwind and orchestral stringed instruments, as well as guitars, electric basses and other fretted instruments.

School Band Instruments

Bailey Brothers Repair Shop services for musical instruments include dent removal, re-stringing, re-corking, restorations, structural repair, cleaning and polishing, adjustments, valve repair, re-pads, replacing broken parts, and more. We also offer general instrument maintenance to ensure that your instrument is in top playing condition.  We work on the following School Band Instruments:

 We offer service and repair on the following Brass Instruments:

 French Horns


We offer service and repair on the following Woodwind Instruments:

 English Horns


    We offer service and repair on the following Percussion:

     Snare Drums
     Drum (& Bell) Kits
     Mallet Percussion


      We offer service and repair on the following Stringed Instruments:

      Double Basses
      and More!