Bailey Brothers Music Academy

Bailey Brothers Music Academy understands that the most effective way to learn is to insure the learning program is catered to each student’s desires to play the music they want to play. Each student completes a student profile and is matched with the teacher best suited for their needs and desires. So whether you want to be a concert musician performing at Carnegie Hall, or on a Rock-n-Roll tour, or simply playing on your front porch with your family, Bailey Brothers Music Academy will work with each student to help them achieve their individual dreams.


The instructors of Bailey Brothers Music Academy have years of experience both teaching and performing at the very highest levels, but just as importantly, they have a passion for music! This passion of music is shared with our students, and fostered with every element of our programs. We offer Music Programs from beginner to advanced, and for all ages.


Boy Learning to Play Drums

Whether you're 5 or 95, you can benefit mentally, physically and socially from playing a musical instrument. Everyone knows that playing a musical instrument is fun and entertaining, but did you also know that playing music is scientifically proven to benefit people of all ages? Children and Teens -- Playing music positively affects the development of children's cognitive skills. It builds confidence, self-discipline and inspires creativity. Playing music can increase productivity and help kids and teens connect socially with their peers. Adults and Seniors -- Playing exercises the brain and helps fight memory loss.  It helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure. And it can stave off depression and loneliness.

Bailey Brothers Music Academy

The very best instructors to help each music student develop and reach their desired goals and potential. A patient, friendly environment with  instructors possessing personality and character, as well as high technical skills. Matching students with the teacher who best fits your style and needs, who will help you succeed, and who will make you look forward to your next lesson. Works closely with each student developing a custom program and curriculum structured to meet the needs, schedule, goals, and passions of that student. More than simply an instrument lesson facility, Bailey Brothers Music Academy offers short-term tutorials through long-term classes on music theory, digital recording, ensemble and group performance, bands, songwriting, and more.

Lessons Available for the Following Instruments

  • Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Voice
  • Trumpet