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A true MPC workstation with total hardware and software integration

Akai's MPC Studio is far more than just an MPC-style DAW with a dedicated control surface, it's a complete music production system that combines the best of Akai's MPC hands-on controls, the music production workflow countless top producers swear by, and the flexibility of today's powerhouse computers. Simply put, MPC Studio is everything you need to make your best beats and electronic grooves, with over 100 instruments and effects built right into its workflow. If you love the workflow of working with real MPC hardware, and want to combine it with the flexibility and processing power of your studio computer, Sweetwater highly recommends the MPC Studio.

Flexible sequencing and sampling software with classic MPC workflow

Akai bundled the MPC Studio with MPC2 music production software to make it a comprehensive music production system. This software music production environment gives you a 128-track sequencer and phenomenal sample-manipulation options with support for WAV, MP3, AIFF, REX, SND, and many other audio file formats. What's more, it supports every MPC sample and sequence ever created by any other MPC. But the software included with the MPC Studio lets you do much more than you could with a traditional MPC. For instance, you can load up your favorite VST plug-ins and use them right along with your samples. You can even use MPC Studio as a virtual instrument in your favorite DAW.

Akai MPC Studio Music Production System Features:

  • A hybrid hardware and software music creation system that's perfect for making beats and producing electronic music
  • Combines the hands-on workflow of classic MPC hardware with the processing power of modern computers
  • Software DAW-style environment provides you with a 128-track sequencer and versatile MPC sample processing
  • Supports WAV, MP3, AIFF, REX, SND, and many other audio file formats
  • Full backwards compatibility includes support for samples and sequences created on any legacy MPC model
  • Can be used in standalone mode or as a VST plug-in within your favorite DAW
  • Can host VST and AU plug-ins in standalone mode with instant mapping and real-time adjustment of VST plug-ins
  • Lets you easily record each track as an MPC drum program
  • Comes with over 100 instruments and effects to cover a wide range of production styles
  • Hardware features 16 backlit velocity-sensitive pads, a touch strip encoder, and a full set of MPC controls including a transport section
  • Classic MPC Note Repeat, MPC Swing, and MPC transport controls provide genuine MPC workflow
  • Compact design is less than 2-inches thin and fits easily into a laptop bag
  • Fully Mac- and PC-compatible