XR1212 12-Channel Powered Mixer


Product Features

  • 12 XLR mic channels
  • Dual 600W amps lightweight Class D
  • Auto GEQ
  • Feedback Ferret
  • 4-band EQ on input channels

Product Description

The XR 1212 boasts a built-in DSP and enough input channels to handle almost any application. Combines ease of use with an impressive list of features, including a digital effects processor with user-preset storage, output signal processor with graphic EQ, auto EQ, Feedback Ferret and a powerful class-D amplifier.

The XR 1212 packs 12 XLR input channel strips and an extensive output section into a lightweight, rack mountable package.

Instead of the simple low-pass subwoofer output found on many mixers, the XR212 has a full 4th order crossover network that removes the power robbing low frequencies from the main outputs.

The two-channel power amplifier provides 600 watts per channel, using state-of-the-art HWF class-D technology. This clever design provides heavy weight performance at a carrying weight of only 18 pounds. Digital effects Rack mountable Dual 9-band graphic EQ Two monitor sends Dedicated effect return fader
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