Bailey Brothers Step Up Program


Bailey Brothers Music offers an incredible opportunity for young players that have found their niche in music! To assist in the purchase of a more advanced instrument, we offer our "Step-Up" program. The "Step-Up" program allows our band instrument renters to apply their rental payments to the purchase of a new intermediate or professional level instrument.

How it Works

When your student decides that the instrument they are playing is something that they wish to make a serious commitment to learning, simply contact our band instrument department. One of our band instrument specialists will assist in determining the right step-up instrument for your needs. Once that decision is made, we then calculate the amount of money paid towards your current rental agreement, then subtract that dollar amount from the price of the new instrument. It's that easy!

Step-Up Instruments

The difference between student and intermediate instruments probably wouldn't be discernible to the beginning player. That being said, after acquiring a year or two of playing experience, your student would be able to notice subtle differences between the two levels of instrument. Intonation, tone, and function, all improve with the level of quality in production. For example, the tubes, valves, and pads improve the function and playability of the instrument that your student will surely appreciate. Most importantly, the consistency of tone from the instrument improves, which makes it easier to play in different registers without sacrifice of tone.

Determine Your Eligibility

One simple phone call to our Inverness location is all it takes to determine your eligibility for the "Step-Up" program. Once our rental department has confirmed that you are eligible, the next step is to visit Bailey Brothers' Inverness or Montgomery locations. One of our band instrument specialists will meet with you to help in determining the right brass or woodwind instrument for your "Step-Up". Once you make your decision, we apply your rental payments to the purchase of your new intermediate band instrument at check out. Before you know it, you and your student will be on your way to greater future musical endeavors.