StudioLogic 88-Note semi-weighted keyboard, with built-in speakers, Tone Wheel Organ Model and Synth


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The portable StudioLogic Numa Compact 2x combines a stage piano, organ, synth, and USB/MIDI controller in a lightweight and compact cabinet weighing only 15.6 lb. It features an 88-key, semi-weighted keyboard with dual-switch detection system, aftertouch, and programmable velocity curves, which delivers a piano-like playing experience. With its two built-in speakers and 20W internal amplifier, the instrument can double as a home digital piano, and is ideal for playing live gigs without a PA system or practicing while on the road.

The Numa Compact 2x is equipped with three sound engines including a tone wheel organ with drawbars and the Sledge virtual synth machine, which enables you to creates synthetic sounds starting from a basic waves library. It offers 128 voices of polyphony and 88 onboard sounds with a selection of acoustic pianos, electric pianos, synths, organs, guitar & basses, drum kits, and more. All sounds can be processed with up to six effects simultaneously including chorus, flanger, rotary, tremolo, delay, reverbs, and strings resonance.

The simple and intuitive UI features an OLED display and a friendly layout with an encoder knob to quickly navigate through all functions. Two programmable stick controllers give you direct control and manipulation of various sound parameter during live performances.

The Numa Compact 2x USB port allows you to send and record your sounds in digital format to your computer or tablet, or to use the instrument's built-in speakers to amplify the digital audio coming from your computer or tablet.

Key Features
  • Portable stage piano, organ, synth, and full USB/MIDI controller in a lightweight (at 15.6 lb) and compact cabinet
  • For live gigs and concerts, rehearsals, recording sessions, or playing at home
  • 88-key digital piano with semi-weighted keyboard, dual-switch detection system, and aftertouch
  • 128-voice polyphony
  • Keyboard feel is programmable for soft, medium, hard, and fixed velocity curves
  • Three sound engines
  • Tone wheel organ—derived from the Numa Organ
  • Sledge engine virtual synth machine creates synthetic sounds starting from a basic waves library
  • Two sound section in layer or split mode
  • Two MIDI zones in layer or split mode
  • Up to six effects simultaneously
  • Effects include chorus, flanger, rotary, tremolo, delay, reverbs, string resonance, and more
  • Simple and intuitive UI with friendly layout
  • Encoder knob lets you navigate through all functions quickly and easily
  • Nine programmable sliders can be used as drawbars to control the organ sounds, synthesis parameters for the Sledge engine, or as linear controls to send Midi CC
  • Two programable stick controllers
  • USB port for audio send/receive, MIDI, hi-speed transfer, and power (not amplified)
  • OLED display 128 x 64 dots
  • 1GB of samples memory updatable via USB
  • Includes 12V power adapter