KQCT1 Quick-Clip Guitar Tuner


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Capo Clip with Tuner Kyser KQCT1 Quick-Clip Magnetic Chromatic “Superior 2 in 1”
The Kyser Quick-Clip features an easy-to-use and precise black-and-blue text display that magnetically attaches seamlessly to the existing full-size Kyser Quick-Change bonnet. As a 2-in-1 combo, the Kyser Quick-Clip will help you make adjustments if you're using the capo while fretting or if the capo is simply resting on your neck. Located on the rear trunk of the capo, the tuner is hidden behind the guitar neck when the capo is in use, or behind the guitar's head lock when the capo is not in use. The audience won't even know the tuner is there. The Quick-Clip tuner is held in place by a strong magnet while it's 360° adjustable, and the display flips to suit left-handed guitarists. In addition, the tuner can be easily removed from the bonnet when not needed.

Kyser Quick-Clip Magnetic Chromatic Tuner
Attach to any full-size Kyser Quick Change Capo
Adjust when the bonnet is on the strap or on the headstock
360 degree flip & rotate screen
Easy to use - press in with the palm of your hand
Precise adjustment +/- 1
Bright LCD display: orange (out of rhythm), green (out of rhythm)
Magnetic disassembly
Battery included