3000 Series Wireless Handheld Microphone System with ATW-C510 Capsule, DE2: 470 to 530 MHz


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The Audio-Technica ATW-3212/C510 is a 3000 Series (4th generation) rackmount wireless handheld microphone system with professional-level features for enhanced reliability and control. It features an intuitive interface with a dual-mode OLED screen for easy operation. With a wide 60 MHz tuning range and true-diversity reception, the system minimizes potential dropouts to deliver intelligible, natural audio for presenters, clergy, lecturers, and performers working in business and educational settings, houses of worship, or on musical stages.

The ATW-3212 includes a half-rack receiver housed in a rugged, full-metal chassis with removable antennas, well suited for rackmounting in portable flight cases or permanent installations. The receiver's auto-scan function searches 2395 selectable frequencies, seeking out a clean, interference-free channel for your audio transmission. The 3000 Series lets you set a clean backup frequency in advance, which you can quickly switch to with a press on the transmitter's multifunction button in the event of unexpected interference.

This system includes a handheld transmitter equipped with an interchangeable ATW-C510 dynamic cardioid microphone capsule optimized for speech and vocals. The transmitter provides up to 9.5 hours of operation on two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries (available separately), with a selectable 10/30mW RF power output for overcoming interference in difficult RF environments. The transmission range is up to 330'. Up to 40 mic channels can operate simultaneously in each frequency band.

Lightweight Handheld Transmitter with ATW-C510 Cardioid Capsule
-The ATW-C510 dynamic mic capsule is designed for smooth, natural vocal reproduction.
-The capsule features a cardioid pickup pattern for significant rejection of unwanted background sound and reduced feedback on stage.
-The handheld transmitter's interchangeable capsule design (with an industry-standard thread) allows you to replace the C510 capsule with an Audio-Technica capsule that’s ideal for your application and simply screw it onto the transmitter—including the ATW-C710, ATW-C4100, ATW-C6100, ATW-C3300, and ATW-C5400 capsules as well as capsules from other manufacturers.
-The transmitter's gain ranges from -10 to +20 dB and can be adjusted in 2 dB increments.
-The bright OLED screen presents comprehensive setup and operating information, including battery indicator, mute status, and operating frequency. Setup functions are menu driven via soft-touch controls, which are covered to prevent accidental changes.
-The multifunction button can be programmed to act as a mute switch or to switch to a clean backup frequency with minimal interruption in case of interference.
-The transmitter easily syncs to the receiver via infrared with a quick press on the Sync button.
-Two RF power output settings are available: the low-level setting extends battery life while the high level offers a stronger RF signal link.
-The transmitter operates for up to 9 hours on two AA alkaline batteries and up to 9.5 hours on two rechargeable AA NiMH batteries.
-Charging terminals on the base of the transmitter work with the optional ATW-CHG3 charging dock or ATW-CHG3N networked charging dock to recharge AA NiMH batteries.
-The durable metal chassis is equipped a secure, locking battery compartment door.
-Reliable Receiver That's Easy to Use
-The wide 60 MHz UHF bandwidth gives you 2395 selectable frequencies to choose from for interference-free audio transmission in an increasingly congested RF environment.
-To prevent dropouts, the receiver's true-diversity reception compares incoming signals on two independent receiver circuits to ensure optimal RF quality.
-Auto-frequency scanning automatically selects the most appropriate frequency for the area in which the wireless is operating.
-Pre-coordinated frequency scan groups are available to simplify selection of usable frequencies in a multichannel wireless setup.
-The bright, dual-mode OLED display can be switched between two modes: the standard view provides continuous indication of RF signal strength, frequency, mute status, audio modulation level, and transmitter information, while the performance view highlights key metering.
-The display also shows the transmitter's battery life and mute status.
-Settings can be quickly adjusted using the control dial and BACK button located on the receiver's front panel. Settings can also be locked to prevent accidental changes.
-The BNC sockets for the two detachable antennas provide bias power to active remote antennas and other in-line RF devices.
-The ground-lift switch on the back panel helps eliminate audible hum caused by ground loops.
-A balanced XLR output and an unbalanced 1/4" output allow you to connect the receiver to a mixing board or PA system.
-The half-rack receiver chassis can be mounted alone in a standard 19" rack using the included mounting brackets and screws.
-Enhance the Performance of Your System
-Adding a pair of ATW-A49 LPDA directional remote antennas increases the range of your system and offers more protection against interference.
-The optional RF Venue DISTRO4 four-channel antenna distribution system allows you to distribute the RF signal from the remote antennas to four discrete 3000 Series receivers.
-Add Functionality to Your System
-Audio-Technica offers the ATW-T3201 bodypack transmitter compatible with a variety of lavalier and headset mics and guitar cables to adapt your 3000 Series system as your needs evolve.

-The AT831-cH cardioid lavalier mic that provides crisp, full-sounding voice pickup.
-The comfortable BP892xcH earset mic and the discreet BP893xcH miniature MicroEarset mic provide exceptional clarity in spoken word applications.


-The AT-GcH guitar cable lets you connect the bodypack transmitter to a guitar or bass.