Copy of Schools, Arenas, and Stadiums

For nearly 30 years, Bailey Brothers Music Company has sold, installed, supported, and rented the most advanced professional audio, lighting, and video products in the Southeast. Regardless of complexity, Bailey Brothers Music is committed to providing the highest value solution in the industry. We are here to help our clients provide stunning productions that go off without a hitch. Our goal is to ensure the audio, lighting, and video productions installed in your arena, stadium, or gymnasium provide the absolute best solution to fit your media presentation needs.


Bailey Brothers has spent the past 30 years developing great relationships, based upon trust and reliability, with school districts throughout the Southeast. These school districts understand that Bailey Brothers is not only competitively priced, but that we care about the success of their institutions. Not only that, we understand the financial concerns many districts have regarding capital expenditures to better their facilities, therefore we always strive to come in UNDER budget without sacrificing quality. We believe strongly that by doing so, not only are we staying true to our relationships, but helping to build a better foundation for future generations.


Basketball games, concerts, dances, and probably the most important event to the academic institutions we service, graduation day, all rely heavily on effective, reliable, sound systems that work flawlessly in the background. Yet it is not only academia that relies on the engineers at Bailey Brothers to provide sound system solutions. Large concert venues the size of the BJCC, Alabama Theater, and Oak Mountain Amphitheater with unique sound design requirements can all find incredible, budget-friendly solutions that will keep their establishments rocking for years to come. That is where Bailey Brothers truly shines, we work hard to deliver an incredible solution that provides flawless execution for many years, all at a great budget-friendly competitive price.


Not many things are more important here in the Deep South on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon than football games. There is nothing worse than an inadequate or unreliable public address system that fails to convey information to the crowd in an efficient, non-over powering manner. At Bailey Brothers, when we design a sound system or public address system for a stadium, our engineers take precise measurements to ensure proper coverage, at a healthy level of decimals, all the while maintaining the energy of the game so many of us enjoy. Below you will find a link to request an estimate, we encourage you to complete the form if you are currently shopping for an audio solution for your stadium. We will be happy to provide a detailed quote that thoroughly explains the process and pricing that you can expect.


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