Event S250-N 250W 15" Subwoofer

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Event S250-N 250W 15"  Subwoofer


The 20/20 S250 is designed for control rooms and project studios where space is at a premium, and complete control over system bass response and Dolby LFE (Low Frequency Effects) channel information is required. This sub is ideal for recording musicians who previously shied away from surround-sound monitoring due to high costs.

The S250 features a custom 15" long-throw woofer and 250W linear power amp, providing the high SPL low-frequency output necessary for multichannel production work. The bass management circuitry is identical as well, with 6 discrete, active, balanced inputs with pass-throughs, independent controls for the LFE and mains channels, and continuously variable phase control. This lets the listener compensate for phase differences that arise from subwoofer and mains-to-listener placement.

Signals appearing at the S250's LFE input are fed to the 250W linear amplifier through
a dedicated crossover. The other 5 inputs - designed to accommodate the 5 mains channels - are summed into an additional bass channel and fed to the amplifier via a second, continuously variable crossover. By setting the crossover to match the natural low frequency roll-off of the mains users can extend the overall LF response of their entire system well below the natural roll-off of the mains.
High-end performance in a small, low-cost package

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