Continental 73-Key Performance Synth

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Continental 73-Key Performance Synth


The Korg VOX Continental is a 73-key, high-performance instrument well suited for stage performances, live bands, studios, rehearsal spaces, and houses of worship. The VOX Continental's intuitive user interface ensures fast and easy playability and includes 150 built-in programs carefully selected for live use, powered by its high-quality PCM sound engine and its vintage sound-modeling engine. The organ section provides three distinct models including CX-3, VOX, and Compact, each with drawbar controls, percussion on/off, split functions, rotary speaker on/off, and vibrato/chorus on/off. The electric piano section offers choices for Tine, Reed, and FM, while the piano offers selections for Grand, Upright, and E.Grand. The Key/Layer part offers 6 types including Key, Brass, Strings, Lead, Synth, and Other. The preset variations can be organized into 16 scenes for fast recall for on-the-fly performance switching.

The on-board insert and master effects offer a variety of choices including chorus, phaser, flanger, compressor, drive, and wah, which can be controlled by the included expression pedal. Other effects include several choices of delay and reverb, while the 9-band stereo EQ allows you to quickly fine-tune the instrument's tonal balance. In addition, the VOX Continental features Korg's vacuum tube Nutube 6P1, which injects harmonically rich and smooth distortion for a dense, fat sound not available through modeling.

The instrument offers both 1/4" and XLR outputs, which allow it to connect to a variety of equipment including keyboard amplifiers and FOH consoles, without the need for a separate DI. The VOX Continental ships with the V861 volume/expression pedal, the ST-Continental keyboard stand, and a power adapter.

  • Intuitive user interface that emphasizes playability on stage
  • Organ part that meticulously models three vintage organs
  • High-quality electric piano part with attention paid to every detail
  • Rich piano part powered by high-capacity samples
  • Key/layer part with a wide range of variations
  • Intuitive and powerful effects that are optimized for live use
  • Touch sensor that can control a variety of parameters
  • 9-band EQ that allows detailed control of your sound
  • Real valve-drive sound powered by Nutube, Korg's latest vacuum tube technology
  • Newly developed waterfall keyboard provides responsive playability
  • Dynamics knob lets you freely customize the playing feel of the keyboard
  • Scene memories let you instantly switch between settings
  • Lightweight and compact body is built of sturdy sheet metal and aluminum
  • Carries on the scarlet color that's traditional for VOX organs
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