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The new Tannoy Reveal 5A active near field monitor builds upon the success and recording industry reputation of the famous original Tannoy Reveal Active. When launched in the mid nineties, the Reveal Active was widely recognised as the product that defined the category and has been the active monitor of choice for thousands of amateur and professional recording, creative composition and postproduction facilities worldwide. The Reveal 5A is the smallest active playback monitor from Tannoy, a company with unrivalled experience in studio monitoring. It has an extremely detailed, dynamic sound with a wide, flat frequency response all of which are essential for monitoring with reliable accuracy. The 25mm 1 soft dome HF unit is seamlessly matched to a 130mm 5 long throw bass unit. The drive units are mounted on a massive 40mm thick baffle, curved to minimise diffraction and creating the loudspeakers distinctive styling. Both drive units are magnetically shielded to allow the system to be used close to video monitors. Dont put potted plants on top of your speakers, or solder your signal leads out of phase. Now that weve got that out of the way, lets talk about some of the technical things to keep in mind. Significant advances in digital speaker measuring techniques such as Klippell symmetry and non linear distortion analysis, laser scanning interferometry, acoustic CAD simulation, and precision manufacturing processes have all resulted in a comprehensively improved Reveal monitor. The new Reveal 5A provides greater bandwidth, significantly lower levels of distortion, smoother responses, more accurate phase control, and higher sensitivity levels in a smaller package.

Technical Details

  • 40mm MDF sculpted baffle stiff, heavy and rigid and minimises diffraction.
  • Recessed drive units flush with the baffle surface minimises diffraction.
  • 10 point fixing maximises contact between drive unit and baffle.
  • Bass unit development using Klippell analysis equipment to minimise offsets and linearise the suspension components.
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