ARMW4550KCTB Sabre 5x14 Walnut/Maple Snare, Blk

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ARMW4550KCTB Sabre 5x14 Walnut/Maple Snare, Blk


The Mapex 5.5" x 14" Armory Sabre Maple/Walnut Snare Drum features a hybrid shell that delivers a sharp pop with every note. The blend of the two wood types for the shell allows for piercing attacks but has a good deal of warmth and body as well, so don't take this drum for a one trick pony.

The SONIClear bearing edge allows drum heads to sit flat on the drum so tuning is a breeze and you get a clear fundamental pitch.

In addition to the precision bearing edge the Armory tube lugs deliver amazing tuning accuracy and overall shell stability while giving this drum a sleek and elegant appearance.


  • 7ply Maple/Walnut Shell
  • Hybrid Shell Delivers Sharp Attacks and Warm Tones
  • SONIClear Bearing Edge Keeps Drum Heads Level
  • Armory Tuning Lugs Provide Tuning Accuracy
  • Piston Strainer and Vertical Throw Off
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