Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster

The Legend of Sir James and His Dragon

James, a young minstrel was walking the night alone when he heard the horses thunder down in the valley below.

There waiting on the Angels of Avalon was Sir Jeffrey of Beckingham, who was himself waiting on the eastern glow.  He was returning from the Battle of Evermore when he bestowed upon young James the Mother of Dragons, a Glorious white axe adorned in mirrors, and forged from the bones of white walkers.  It was an instrument of great power indeed.    

Many years passed as he had no time for spreadin roots, the time had come to be gone.

It was then that James met a girl so fair who he followed to the depths of Mordor, But while there, Gollum, and the evil one Crept up and slipped away with her and with the Mother of Dragons.

As the autumn moon lit his way, James was lost and searching for his axe when he came upon a man standing on a hill of a mountain of dreams.  He told him that his quest was indeed not as hard as it seems, as he himself knew the location of his beloved mother.  It was then that James became known as Jimmy, page to the great dark knight, Led Zeppelin. 

Jimmy followed the dark knight, in through the out-door and found themselves in the Houses of the Holy where they found that his glorious white axe had been reborn as the dragon. 

With Flames from the Dragon of Darkness the sunlight blinded his eyes


Jimmy and his dragon lived out the remainder of their days in the great castle of Zoso.

He found a queen without a king, they played guitar, they cried and they sang.  To this day, if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last.  you can still hear the songs of dragon calling to you on the whispering winds.   

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