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School Fundraisers

Bailey Brothers Music Company is proud to offer a great way to raise money for your school band program while at the same time saving your band parents’ on every musical purchase they make!

The Program works like this:

  •  You and your band students sell Band Supporter 10% Discount Cards for $10 each.
  •  Sell as many as you can! Sell them all, we’ll give you more!
  •  Your school band keeps 100% of the proceeds of the sale of the cards!

With each purchase at any Bailey Brothers Music Company location, the card holder saves an additional 10% off of our everyday low price!  IT’S A WIN-WIN!!!

  • You raise money for your school band!
  • You save money for your band supporters!!

It’s that simple!!! So what are we waiting for?  Call us today at (205) 271-7827 or visit us in store to start raising money for your school program!

Need an expert? That's us.

(205) 271-7827

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