Sound Systems

Paul Bailey Sr. was doing PA rentals for Big Jim Folsom and Hank Williams Sr. long before the Bailey Brothers were born. While we still do larger concert rentals around the southeast, we mainly rent PA rental systems for "pick it up and hook it up yourself" events. If you need a small sound system for the surprise gig that pops up at a friend's house, if you want to allow your little brother to dj at your wedding, or need a bigger PA for your next gig, we can provide a PA system to fit your budget.

Here is a list of our most common rental packages:

  • Speaker system, keyboard, bench and stand -- perfect for a wedding or corporate event
  • Smaller announcement-only PA system capable of delivering speech over groups of up to 50 people
  • PA systems for a live band with subwoofers, tops, monitors, microphones, stands and cables

Rental Packages

Plug and Play System

$150 PA Rental Package
  • $150/per day
  • Ideal for speech and low volume music for small audiences (Up to 150 to 200 people)
  • (2) speakers with speaker stands
  • Powered Mixer
  • (2) wired mics w/ cables
  • Speaker cables 25 feet

Event or DJ System

$300 PA Rental Package
  • $300/per day
  • Great for a dance music or Wedding DJ
  • Up to 200 to 500 people
  • (2) powered 15" 2-way speakers
  • (2) powered 15″ subs
  • 12- 16 channel mixer
  • (2) speaker poles
  • (2) wired mics
  • (2) speaker poles

Projectors and Screens

projector screen

The rental prices are:

  • PROJECTOR: $200.00
  • Screen only: $150.00

We offer the highest quality:

  • (HD 3000 lumens, very bright output, visible even when lights are on,
  • HIGH QUALITY 100" SCREEN (8ft) - with black borders for better contrast
  • HIGH QUALITY 120" SCREEN (10ft) - with black borders for better contrast


All PA rentals come with everything you need to put on your event and technical support to guarantee the event sound systems works exactly as you need it to.

No matter what the size Bailey Brothers Music can handle it. Click for information on our backline rental program, or contact us for a quote.

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