2018 Parallel Universe

What would you say if someone told you that they could merge a Stratocaster with a Telecaster? How about a Jaguar and a Stratocaster? That's just what Fender is doing for 2018 with the brand-new and innovative Parallel Universe Collection. Kicking off with the eye-catching Strat-Tele Hybrid in April, this limited-edition line features hybrid pairings of Fender's notable guitar and bass models that truly highlight instrument innovation. Throughout the rest of 2018, another Parallel Universe creation will drop every month. "The Parallel Universe celebrates the modular nature of Fender guitars, splicing together DNA from various Fender models to create off-the-wall hybrids," said Fender Senior Vice President of Products Justin Norvell. Can't wrap your head around what these could look like? Take a closer look below at some photos of the Parallel Universe Collection from the 2018 NAMM Show below.



The Meteora
  • The Strat-Tele Hybrid (launching April 2018) features the traditional Tele body with professional touches like three Custom Shop '69 Aged Strat pickups, a Strat synchronized tremolo bridge and comfort contours.
  • The Elite Nashville Telecaster HSS (launching May 2018) is a supercharged American Elite Telecaster. It features a direct mounted ShawBucker humbucking bridge pickup, along with pair of Pure Vintage '64 Tele pickups in the middle position and neck positions-the beloved configuration of many Nashville players.
  • The Jazz Tele (launching June 2018) has a vintage-inspired sound, modern feel and sensational aesthetics powered by a pair of American Vintage '65 single-coil Jazzmaster pickups-marrying the best of the Jazzmaster and Telecaster guitars.
  • The Troublemaker Tele (launching July 2018) features a bound mahogany body with a maple top, custom Cabronita pickguard and lacquer finish-all powered by a pair of ShawBucker 1T and 2T humbucking pickups.
  • The Tele Thinline Super Deluxe (launching August 2018) pairs rich-sounding TV Jones Classic pickups and familiar controls with a twist to Fender's semi-hollow Tele design.
  • The Whiteguard Strat (launching September 2018) combines the biting twang of a Telecaster with the sleek, ergonomic contours of a Strat.
  • The Jaguar Strat (launching October 2018) takes visual cues from the Jaguar; its agile switching system is melded with Strat electronics to create a uniquely powerful hybrid system.
  • The '51 Telecaster PJ Bass (launching December 2018) combines elements from the Precision and Jazz Bass models with a 34"-scale Telecaster bass maple neck with an American Vintage "'63 P Bass"-shaped profile.
  • The Meteora (launching November 2018) features a sleek new limited-edition offset body shape. With both Jazzmaster and Telecaster guitar features, the Meteora is distinctly Fender
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