Shelby County After School Guitar Lessons

ChordBuddy’s learning system attaches to the neck of the guitar and allows students to play chords instantly by pushing a button. As students progress, the four buttons are removed (like training wheels on a bike) and the student independently plays the chords. The purpose of the ChordBuddy is to first make students into musicians, focusing on the various aspects of playing, before learning how to play chords on the strings. ChordBuddy guitar will quickly become a way for students to express themselves and share music with others.

After School Enrichment Guitar Lessons

Chelsea Park ChordBuddy Guitar Class Mondays 3pm-4pm 

Chelsea Park Beginning Guitar Class Tuesdays 3pm-4pm

Forest Oaks ChordBuddy Guitar Class Wednesdays 3pm-4pm

Forest Oaks Beginning Guitar Class Thursdays 3pm-4pm

Classes are $75 per month and meet once a week.  Each child will need their own instrument in order to take the class, as well as to practice at home throughout the week.  

ChordBuddy Guitars are REQUIRED for the Chord Buddy classes.

ChordBuddy JR Guitar Package $169.00 includes 1/2 size ChordBuddy Guitar, Gig bag, Tuner, Picks & Lesson Book.

ChordBuddy Youth Guitar Package $199.00 includes ¾ size ChordBuddy Guitar, Gig bag, Tuner, Picks & Lesson Book.

Students are welcome to bring their own guitars to the beginning Guitar classes.  You may also purchase a Guitar through Bailey Brothers at a discounted price.

Recommended Guitars for "non-ChordBuddy" Guitar Classes

Ibanez ¾ size Acoustic Guitar with Gig bag $119.99

Fender ¾ size Acoustic Guitar with Gig bag  $139.99

Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar with Gig bag $329.00

Taylor Swift Baby Taylor Guitar with Gig bag $329.00

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar with Gig bag $499.99

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You can enroll in person at the store 7 days a week.  

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