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The Magic of Gibson Acoustics

April 25, 2011  -  Filed under Guitars

Gibson Montana

We have been fortunate enough to spend a week in Bozeman Montana observing the manufacturing process of Gibson’s acoustic guitar division.  The factory is nestled in the heart of the Bridger basin and is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in every direction.  This remote location may seem like a strange place to put a factory, but the crisp mountain air is ideal for such a process since the humidity levels are much lower than in Tennessee, the home of Gibson’s electric guitar line.  The most important reason for the location of this factory is that Bozeman Montana is home to Master Luthier Ren Ferguson.  Ren is a true master of his craft and the impression of his expertise shines through in every acoustic guitar Gibson has built since 1989.  The Montana division is truly the most unique of Gibson’s factories.  The spirit of the crew here is that of a true family and these people work together seamlessly to build some of the finest instruments available today.  The most remarkable attribute of the Montana factory is that it truly is one big custom shop.  The attention to detail that these craftsmen give to their work is unparalleled by today’s standards.  After having seen the full spectrum of raw mahogany and spruce being transformed into a J-45 it has become apparent what an exceptional value a Gibson Acoustic instrument really is.  The man hours that Gibson is willing to put into these guitars truly separates them from other manufacturers.  From the person engineering the design of a new model to the guy hand sanding the top of a J-200 every employee takes true pride in their work knowing that someone will use their product to make music that is so personal and sacred to the hearts of us musicians.  Here at Bailey Brothers we are proud to announce the south’s first 5 star Gibson Acoustic Dealership.  With the support and direction of the Gibson family we are now able to offer some of the finest acoustic instruments to the entire south east region.  No longer will you need to travel out of state in hopes of finding that guitar that reignites your passion for music and playing guitar.  We are very excited about the addition of the Luthier’s Choice guitars to our selection at Bailey Brothers Music.  These pristine guitars are personally designed and hand built by Ren himself.  Do yourself a favor and get yourself one of these guitars while you have the opportunity.  We currently have several on order but do not expect them to last in the store for long.  Call or drop by the store any time.  You’ll notice some things have changed.  Some really exciting inventory is now in stock and even more is still on the way.  We would love to share with you what we have learned about these truly unique instruments, and help you select the one that is just right for you.  These guitars have character, they are all special in different ways, and they will all need good homes.  Come pick the best one off the wall, or if you would prefer, let us help you custom design something  that the world has never seen.  There’s a pretty good chance that if you can imagine it, Gibson can build it.


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