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Bailey Brothers Music Academy – A great way to get started.

April 13, 2012  -  Filed under Band & Orchestra, Drums, Guitars

As summer approaches, parents and students alike look for constructive ways to spend their time out of school. For those with an interest in music, Bailey Brothers offers our Music Academy, an In-Store learning facility offering both private lessons and classes.

Our lesson program is one of the most comprehensive in town. Lessons are $25 per half-hour, with the exception of Violin lessons, which are $30 per half-hour. We have many teachers, so time slots are available throughout the week. Lessons are booked in blocks of four so teachers have a consistent schedule through the month. There is an annual Registration fee of $20 for new students.

For BEGINNING guitar players, we offer a Guitar Class that gets a player started with all the basics; tuning, reading guitar tablature, basic chords, notes on the guitar, rhythm, and melody. The Class is broken up into 4 one-hour sessions that run through the 4 Saturdays of the month, and are available for both children and adults. The Class is $10 a session, $40 for the full 4-session program. The Class begins every month on the first Saturday at 11am.

For Private Lessons and Group Classes, please be sure to schedule with us ahead of time so we can be sure slots are available.