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Mapex Mars Shell Packs for $599

January 23, 2014  -  Filed under Drums

All birch shell packs w/ vertical grain in some smoking awesome finishes. And the shell packs are only $599! Bonewood, Smokewood, Nightwood and Bloodwood.
















Mapex Unveils Soniclear Bearing Edge

January 23, 2014  -  Filed under Drums

The SoniClear bearing edge is standard on all Armory shells and allows the drumhead to sit flatter and make better contact with the shell. The result is a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range. Just watched a Mapex rep tune a drumhead in literally seconds perfectly in tune to a much lower pitch than was previously possible. The new bearing edge really does make the head sit more stably! Pretty cool stuff. More to come from the 2014 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.



Roland V Drum World Championship Competition

August 3, 2012  -  Filed under Drums
 There are lots of great prizes…and the opportunity to perform at the U.S. Finals October 31st at PASIC in Austin, TX and at the World Championship in Frankfurt, Germany in April 2013!
Roland U.S. is pleased to announce the V-Drums® World Championship 2, the second annual international competition to find the top drummer in the world.

The U.S. portion of the V-Drums® World Championship 2 begins with the V-Drums U.S. National Championship. The U.S. national competition gives drummers throughout the U.S. a chance to make history by competing nationwide with solo drum performances on the TD-30KV V-Drums V-Pro® Series and other Roland percussion products. Along the way, U.S. contestants can win professional percussion gear and swag, with the National Champion earning the opportunity to represent the U.S. at the V-Drums World Championship 2 in April, 2013, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Contestants start by submitting a video audition link via YouTube™ or other video sharing sites, to compete for 48 semi-finalist slots. For the video auditions, contestants can perform on either acoustic or electronic drums, and will be evaluated on musicianship, technique, style, creativity, and other criteria. Eight semi-final live events will be held nationwide on September 22 and 29 to select the final eight contestants for the national finals on October 31 at PASIC in Austin, Texas. During both the semi-final and national final events, contestants will be performing exclusively on Roland V-Drums® and other Roland electronic percussion products.

The U.S. National Champion will receive a TD-30KV V-Pro® drum set, Drum Workshop hardware, and other prizes. The runner-up will receive a TD-15KV V-Tour® drum set, Drum Workshop hardware, and other prizes. Additional prizes from DRUM! magazine and Vic Firth will be awarded to selected contestants during all phases of the U.S. contest. The national finals event will include live performances by a top drumming artist and celebrity professional drummers as the guest judges. During the live events, contestants will be judged and scored on musicianship, technique, style, and the creative use of technology in their drum performances.
Contestants start by submitting a video audition link via YouTube™ or other video sharing sites, to compete for 48 semi-finalist slots.  Important Point…for the video auditions, contestants can perform on either acoustic or electronic drums, and will be evaluated on musicianship, technique, style, creativity, and other criteria. Contestants must be 18 years of age or older to enter and compete.
Entries are being accepted now through August 24, at

New Evans G14 Snare Head

July 26, 2012  -  Filed under Drums

Evans New G 14

Have you heard? The New Evans G14 Snare Batter is 14mm. thick as opposed to the usual 10mm. Single Ply Snare Batter.
What do you get? All the expression of a Single Ply Head, with More Durability!

                                              WE HAVE THESE IN STOCK


Now In Stock ! Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch

May 23, 2012  -  Filed under Drums

Setting up your drums and then later, packing them up is always frantic and hurried and it is always hard to find small items that are dropped. Make this part of the process faster and easier. Drummers who have used this great new hi-hat clutch from Gibraltar say they will never use another clutch!


Just pull on the metal sleeve and the auto clutch releases. Slip off the felts, slip on your top hi-hat cymbal then push in at the bottom of the metal sleeve and you’re locked in place. The all metal design uses a spring and ball bearings to hold the sleeve in place. It couldn’t be easier!

ddrum Tattooed Lady Snare

May 20, 2012  -  Filed under Drums


             ddrum has a new Snare Drum, the Tattooed Lady. A Black  Chrome Steel Shell (6.5×14) with Black Nickel Chrome rims and Scroll-work. Currently in stock a Bailey Brothers Inverness !

New Offworld Practice Pads

May 17, 2012  -  Filed under Drums

Here’s a product that is taking the drum world by storm. The Design of the InvaderV3 is different from every other pad out there in that it has a rim that enables you to practice “Rim Shots” . This pad, primarily designed for Marching Drummers, is made from a new material called “Dark Matter” that is very similar to the feel of Kevlar drumheads used on “High Tension”drums. Drum line’s……… better come see!      



We also stock the Offworld “Outlander” small 9.5″ and large12″ pads which do not have “Rims”


ddrum Returns

May 17, 2012  -  Filed under Drums

       Bailey Brothers Music is pleased to announce that ddrum Drum Sets and Accessories are available once again for sale at there Inverness location. Currently available are the Standard Reflex Series is a Black on Black made of Alder  (6 ply Toms, 8 ply Snare and Bass) with a20x22 Bass Drum also the Reflex RSL in Satin Wine Red Matte Lacquer Finish Alder,   (6 ply Toms, 8 ply Snare and Bass) with 18×22 Bass Drum.

Also available are the ddrum Deccabans. These are 6″ diameter Single Headed Black Fiberglas Drums in varying depths from 6-24 mounted in pairs to add even more sounds to your set. 

Bailey Brothers Music Academy – A great way to get started.

April 13, 2012  -  Filed under Band & Orchestra, Drums, Guitars

As summer approaches, parents and students alike look for constructive ways to spend their time out of school. For those with an interest in music, Bailey Brothers offers our Music Academy, an In-Store learning facility offering both private lessons and classes.

Our lesson program is one of the most comprehensive in town. Lessons are $25 per half-hour, with the exception of Violin lessons, which are $30 per half-hour. We have many teachers, so time slots are available throughout the week. Lessons are booked in blocks of four so teachers have a consistent schedule through the month. There is an annual Registration fee of $20 for new students.

For BEGINNING guitar players, we offer a Guitar Class that gets a player started with all the basics; tuning, reading guitar tablature, basic chords, notes on the guitar, rhythm, and melody. The Class is broken up into 4 one-hour sessions that run through the 4 Saturdays of the month, and are available for both children and adults. The Class is $10 a session, $40 for the full 4-session program. The Class begins every month on the first Saturday at 11am.

For Private Lessons and Group Classes, please be sure to schedule with us ahead of time so we can be sure slots are available.

They Are New And We Got ‘Em – Roland Releases New Electronic Drumsets

April 16, 2011  -  Filed under Drums, Technology

Roland Electronics has just released the newest  advances in their infamous electronic drums, the K series which upgrades the TD-4 and TD-9 Drum Sets.

On the first rung of the Roland ladder the TD-4K2  features the Mesh Head  KD-9 Kick Pad as the improvement over the TD4S. The Brain, Pads, and Drum Rack are the same as they were.

Next in line is the Roland TD-4KX2-S. This Kit has Mesh Heads for the Toms and Snare and when you add in the KD-9, that makes this an all Mesh Head Drum Set. A Cymbal Upgrade with the Larger CY-13R Ride and the CY-12C Crash V Cymbals is also part of the Re-Vamp. Another New  Limited Time Value is the addition of Drum Workshop 3000 Single Bass Pedal and the 3000 Drum Throne. When you combine these Upgrades along with the Rack and the TD-4 Brain, Roland’s Legendary Durability and Great Price, it will be very easy to say “I’ll take it”

Coming Soon

Bailey Brothers will also be getting in the Newest Version of the TD9’s. The     TD-9K2 Features the KD-9 Mesh Head Kick Pad and the TD-9KX2-S, the All Mesh Head Version, adds in the VH-11 Hi-Hat Cymbal that works atop a real Hi-Hat Stand. Roland has included, for a Limited Time, a Drum Workshop 3000 Series Single Bass Pedal, Drum Throne and Hi-Hat Stand. With these Added Values  you get a Complete High Powered Electronic Drum Set for a modest investment.