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New TC Helicon VoiceLive 3

January 24, 2014  -  Filed under Guitars, Technology, Videos

Pretty amazing pedal. It basically does EVERYTHING, and I don’t say that lightly. This thing harmonizes automatically using a built in microphone or line in to detect key, has all your standard TC Electronics and TC Helicon guitar and vocal effects, changes the gender of your voice believably, acts as a vocoder, looper, etc… Check out these videos straight from the 2014 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA.


Here is what TC has to say about it: Ultimate Gets an Upgrade Imagine the perfect sound engineer taking your vocals to awe-inspiring heights. Imagine the rich tones of a premium stomp box collection. Imagine a songwriting tool setting your creativity on fire, both when writing and performing. Now stop imagining. With VoiceLive® 3 you get the ultimate 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and phrase looping – and it will rock your world! A complete vocal sound with next generation harmony processing, effects and tonal quality. TC Electronic stomp box effects, Amp Tones and dedicated stereo amp outputs to integrate fully with your guitar rig. Powerful 3-phrase looping lets you create and store entire songs on-the-fly. Your Voice, Front and Center Vocals are what we live for, and VoiceLive 3 is a true labor of love. With a mind-blowing vocal effects path more comprehensive than anything created before – featuring 11 independent effects blocks, over 180 different styles, and more than 250 factory presets available right out of the box (and more available for free download) – VoiceLive 3 represents the absolute pinnacle of singer’s technology and the perfect partner for your voice. NEW! Exciting new Harmony modes – Pedal, Fixed, and Mixed-Mode – for expanded voicing and musical possibilities. NEW! Authentic Vocoder with voice-controlled polyphonic synth and robot modes allow you play your voice like an instrument. Automatically and professionally produced vocal sound with enhanced Adaptive Tone™. Improved suite of our renowned vocal effects, e.g. Doubling, Harmony, Echo, Reverb, HardTune, Flanger, Chopper, Choir, and more. Upgrades include new delay filters, new HardTune styles, better sounding doublings and even more realistic harmonies. 250+ factory presets, with onboard storage for 500 presets in total. Download and manage more presets via our free VoiceSupport app. No-Compromise Guitar FX and Amp Tones Our sister company is legendary guitar FX maker, TC Electronic, and by including some of the most popular sounds from their TonePrint pedals like Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, and Vortex Flanger we’ve designed the Guitar section of VoiceLive 3 to rival even the most pristine pedal boards. Add to that the full gamut of great tone classics such as wah, octave, tremolo, and drive, and you’ve got an unbeatable guitar road kit. TC Electronic TonePrint FX styles from Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus and others. New Talk box, Chopper, Bass, Wah, and Drive guitar effects. A wide choice of amp emulations from vintage British to classic American, when bringing your own amp isn’t practical. Acoustic Mode allows for quick set up of VoiceLive 3 for acoustic guitar.

New Fender Hi-Tech Guitar Series’

January 23, 2014  -  Filed under Guitars, Technology

Fender unveils the Deluxe Strat Plus Top w/ iOS Connectivity, Fender Fishman TriplePlay Strat. Connect to your computer with Bluetooth (TriplePlay only) or USB and play your guitar as a piano, violin, etc. great tracking and clear sound quality. Fender has also released the Fender American Deluxe Strat Plus that allows you to change the pickup and pot wiring just by swapping cards out. Pretty novel idea. Fender is hinting at future releases including wirings for your favorite artists. We’ll be looking forward to that!








Fender Pro Audio Expands to Vertical Arrays

January 23, 2014  -  Filed under Technology
Fender Expo Vertical Array PA System. Sells for $999. Sounds pretty clear and loud. 120 degree dispersion. Audience capacity of 300. Could be interesting.



Black Friday Sale – Television Ad (Video)

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Studio Mic Case

May 10, 2012  -  Filed under Technology
Come by and check out our newest selection of studio microphones! Last year we picked up Rode and this year Blue! We now have in stock great affordable microphones including the Rode NTK, Blue Babby Bottle, Shure SM7 and many more!

“RODE ROCKS” International Band Competition

April 27, 2012  -  Filed under Technology


Think you’ve got what it takes to make it big? RØDE is looking for the very best unsigned artists around the world in the ‘RØDE Rocks’ talent search.

Enter now and you could be on your way to Record Plant in Hollywood to record with all-star producer Alain Johannes (Chris Cornell, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Them Crooked Vultures)!

They Are New And We Got ‘Em – Roland Releases New Electronic Drumsets

April 16, 2011  -  Filed under Drums, Technology

Roland Electronics has just released the newest  advances in their infamous electronic drums, the K series which upgrades the TD-4 and TD-9 Drum Sets.

On the first rung of the Roland ladder the TD-4K2  features the Mesh Head  KD-9 Kick Pad as the improvement over the TD4S. The Brain, Pads, and Drum Rack are the same as they were.

Next in line is the Roland TD-4KX2-S. This Kit has Mesh Heads for the Toms and Snare and when you add in the KD-9, that makes this an all Mesh Head Drum Set. A Cymbal Upgrade with the Larger CY-13R Ride and the CY-12C Crash V Cymbals is also part of the Re-Vamp. Another New  Limited Time Value is the addition of Drum Workshop 3000 Single Bass Pedal and the 3000 Drum Throne. When you combine these Upgrades along with the Rack and the TD-4 Brain, Roland’s Legendary Durability and Great Price, it will be very easy to say “I’ll take it”

Coming Soon

Bailey Brothers will also be getting in the Newest Version of the TD9’s. The     TD-9K2 Features the KD-9 Mesh Head Kick Pad and the TD-9KX2-S, the All Mesh Head Version, adds in the VH-11 Hi-Hat Cymbal that works atop a real Hi-Hat Stand. Roland has included, for a Limited Time, a Drum Workshop 3000 Series Single Bass Pedal, Drum Throne and Hi-Hat Stand. With these Added Values  you get a Complete High Powered Electronic Drum Set for a modest investment.







Digitech Vocalist Live 3

January 14, 2011  -  Filed under Technology

Digitech Vocalist Live 3 from Winter NAMM 2011New from Digitech at Winter NAMM 2011…
Digitech Vocalist Live 3

Inspire applause like never before with instant 3-part vocal harmony!

  • Add up to 2 voices of intelligent vocal harmony
  • Give harmony a male or female voice
  • Adjust harmony from loose to tight for natural sound
  • 5 user patches with A/B parts to save harmony setting